Mississippi Film Alliance

The Resource for Mississippi Filmmakers

The Mississippi Film Alliance is dedicated to fostering film and television production in our state. We administer the Emerging Filmmaker Grant program as well as provide 501(c)(3) services to film makers wishing to apply under not-for-profit status for other grant funding. 


The Water Cooler by Joe Smiley

Untitled about Heart Break Coffee by Victoria DeLeone

Women of the Struggle: Facing Fear in the Civil Rights Era by Galen Mark LaFrancis

Delta Crossing by James Puckett

Grow Where Your Planted by Hanna Miller


Cubicle City,  Glenn Payne 

Love Soliloquy, Astin Rocks (Full visual album in process)

Mudcat, Robert Jordan - in progress

Seven Climates of Ocean Springs by Luther Dickinson, Philip Scarborough/Tom Beck 


Ricochet, Weldon Pless and Sanders Bohlke 

Sad Face, Maggie Bushway 

Black History Plus, Wilma Clopton

Bare Knuckle, Wade Patterson


Katastrophe, Ben Matheny

The Theft of Four Goats, Harris Swayze

Mentee, Brandon Lamar Allen

Five Crowns, Curtis Everitt



Garage Sale, Meaghin Burke


I Didn't Do It, Melanie Addington

Sequence III and IV, Alex Warren

They Called it Home, Wilma Clopton


Earthrise, Glenn Payne

Grasshopper!, Michael Usry

Ozland, Michael Williams

Yazoo Revisited, Milly West/David Rae Morris



Baby Chicken, Azod Abedikichi

Due South, Jeff Pedigo

Pea Vine Blues, Leroy Nesbit

Headrush, Johnson Thomasson

Boundary, Zach Prichard


Crimes Against Pizza, Anita Modak-Truran

Illumination, Michael Williams


Bloom, Wade Acuff


Sense, Beth Kander-Dauphin

Murderabilia, Michael Usry

The Goodbye, Frank Dolansky

Mr. Holloway's Toy Company, Amile Wilson


The Long Goodbye, Jeff Tanner


Orbis Romanus, Edward St. Pe

That 70s Song, Thad Lee


Avarice, Glenn Payne

The Curious Death of Dana Miles, Lee Blaylock


No MFVA recipients listed.


Another Word for Family, April Grayson


Words and Pictures From the Book of Wonders, Philip Gentile

Turner Crumbley


Checkmate, Ash Taylor


King Cake, Dixon McDowell

Ebony Gee

Lance Cooper

Eric Glatzer


Servants and Leaders, Kathryn Rodenmeyer



Poker Night, Jared Hopkins

Revisited, Will Fox


The Most Segregated Hour, Kent Moorhead

Foster, Matthew Magee

Annabelle Lee, Thomas McGraw